Cosmic Exodus

Withstand Kairos

Lore Story
Behold Kairos, the space and time god!
He bears tremendous amounts of power that enables him to bend reality and awareness. Deciding that Humanity must be judged and tested, he has created a boundless army in his own image, possessing reflections of his qualities, abilities, and traits.
Do you have what it takes?
Each time you enter a dungeon and manage to deal with an incursion, expect it to become exponentially harder to overcome. You must be a quick learner and possess a keen eye for those relentless enemies approaching without warning. Make sure to be at the right place with the proper tools, if you wish to prevail.
On the bright side of it, those who manage to do well, are bound to reap the spoils of war and the rewards the ecosystem has to offer. Select the towers and troops carefully, in order to extract the true potential of each combination.
Bring your A game, it's time! Having a proper attention to little details is crucial to be a part of the elite vanguard! It is highly recommended to research, keep an efficient management of your assets as well as the most reliable strategy to deploy against upcoming skirmishes. Can you withstand the challenge?
Kairos is waiting for you!
Ready set take-off Many volunteers have signed up for the training and have been waiting for the moment to jump into action. There are many risks associated with this mission and there are no guarantees of success or anything in return, for that matter.
Being a pioneer is not an easy task, but just the experience itself can be rewarding, for sure! The most important things are to have a good time and to cooperate with others while contributing to community development.
It’s a fresh start, so we better make the best out of it!