Cosmic Exodus

Cosmic DAO

The Cosmic Exodus team believes sharing is caring.
We want to be as transparent as possible, with good communication established between players and the team. More information = less FUD!
A strong community is necessary for this project and ecosystem to truly reach its potential. Good code + Use case + Strong community = Unlimited Potential
We believe everyone can bring good ideas and solutions for this project. We are listening!
It’s also very important that players that have invested time and energy, dedicating themselves to the game, have a voice and a saying in the ways things are done, or planned to be done in the future. For this reason, according to the progress within the game content, players have a determined voting power.
To whom it may concern, the DAO acts as a foundation for this project. With the intention of gathering resources, allocating brain power and sharing responsibilities, aiming for a better and more efficient organisation in the protocol growth.
Actions and responsibilities of the DAO:
-> Voting
-> Community growth
-> Marketing campaigns
-> P2E injections
-> OTC channel
-> Security fund
-> NFTs “safe floor”
-> Select partnerships
-> Events